Did your headphone jack ever transmit your centimeter-resolution location to a third party unwittingly? Just another reason to disable all the time.


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Jeepers creepers, I just realized that the new model iPod Touch will include a headphone jack. Just another data point to convince me: the only consistent thing about Apple’s ports is whether or not it will make them money. Not courage, not good intentions for consumers, not an honest belief in innovative technology. Just finances.

Ahh I finally figured it out: the Leader of the Robot Mafia is my favorite obscure character in . Always creating his own misfortune with his weirdly phrased directions and ultimatums.

@jonah I have been using almost exclusively for several months and rarely ever miss . It took a while to stop the habit of Google searching something in a private tab, when I felt like was getting bad results. But it turns out the results were rarely much better on Google. I mostly do workaday searches, so for heavy duty web searching, YMMV. And you should research their privacy reputation, to verify it meets your needs.

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Kaydop and FairyPeak match spoilers: Show more

@malin "Use option --the-twisty-thing-on-the-side to input a new DATE or TIME value."

@malin I feel ya. When it is socially possible, I try to set the mutual expectation that I just enjoy people's company for a holiday/birthday. Beyond that, you can always buy me a nice meal. Ya know, unless it seasoned with tracker nano-bots. 😉

@Gargron I hope it's ok to ask you tech questions here (happy to be redirected to a forum, manual, or something else):

I added two and one is approved. It has been a few days, and I do not see any content in my feed. Think I need to change some server settings (firewall?) or just try some different hosts?

@_emacsomancer @Gargron I am imagining this conversation in the future:

“Sorry sir, your Apple Card was declined because you are using the wrong dongle.”

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Hooray, Tutanota turns 5 today! 😀 Check our blog to see how your encrypted mailbox looked like five years ago. 😍😍😍 #nostalgia

@Mastodon Where can I find out more about ? I guess my specific question is: are there any lists of relays out there I can choose from? Otherwise, I'll just keep searching! 🖥️

Oh no I reached the Seymour episode of . Where did all these onions come from?

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